Macbeth was directly trying to get into the position of king, while Jackson was trying to enlarge the country’s territory in whatever ways he deemed best.  Both men had a need for control and disregarded any information that might suggest they did not have the right ideas.  Their feelings of superiority got in the way of better judgment, causing them to make many poor decisions.  These decisions affected many people under them, causing innumerable deaths.  Their uncaring attitudes showed the pride and selfishness inside of them.

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Along with selfish desires and pride, both men were highly motivated by a belief in fate or destiny.  Macbeth decided to ensure that the favorable prophecies the witches had given him came true no matter what he had to do.  Andrew Jackson decided that the common American people should inhabit the areas the Indians were on.  He decided that it was America’s “Manifest Destiny” to possess these places and would do whatever necessary to make it that way.  Instead of allowing fate or destiny to work themselves out over time, these men took matters into their own hands.  They may have felt somewhat that these actions were for the betterment of their countries, but it was definitely not so for all the citizens.

Macbeth began his quest for real power by killing Duncan, the king of Scotland.  Andrew Jackson began his purposeful ignorance towards other people’s territories when he pursued the Seminoles into Florida and then shot two British soldiers at a nearby outpost.  Both men were in the wrong when they committed these actions, and it only led to more murder.  In Macbeth’s case, it led to the murder of Banquo, Lady Macduff and her son, Siward’s son, and eventually himself.  For Andrew Jackson, his actions led to such an atrocity as the death of 4,000 of 15,000 Cherokee Indians forced to walk the “Trail of Tears”.  Certainly neither of these situations really benefited the people of the country.

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What is ironic about both of these men’s situations is that it was with the support of their countrymen that Macbeth and Jackson carried out their actions.  Macbeth was a popular hero from the recent battles, and Jackson was known to the nation as the “common man”.  Certainly these people did not fully see what would occur through these men.  Since the American people could identify so well with Jackson, they overlooked many of his actions.  Macbeth was the popular Thane of Cawdor at the time of Duncan’s murder, and he did his best to appear innocent of the deed.  Both hid behind their titles to get where they wanted.

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In the end, both men took control of whatever fate they believed in, and the outcome was ruin for many people.  Both ended up as murderers, but Macbeth was murdered also.  The problems started by Jackson’s forced removal of the Indians did not stop after their march from their homes.  Even today Indians are the victims of prejudice.  The leading cause of suicide among Native American teen is suicide.  There are alcohol problems and self-image issues everywhere.  This is the legacy that Jackson has left them.

The stories left from the lives of these two men would be very different had they listened to God’s Word in the Bible.  Proverbs 11:2 states, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”  If these men had been humble, God would have given them the wisdom to make right choices.  Instead they believed in their own abilities and left a sad story behind.  Neither of them had any place in their hearts for God’s righteous wisdom.